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   Vajrasatwa, the sixth Dhyani Buddha, is regatded by the Nepali Buddhist as the priest of the Five Dhyani Buddha. He is not represented in the stupa like other Dhyani Buddhas, but independent shrines are dedicated to his worship. His worship is always performed in secret and is not open to those who are not initiated into the mysteries of the Vajrayana. Vajrasattwa is represented in two forms, single and yabyum. This Dhyani Buddha wears all ornaments, rich dress and a crown. He is of white colour. He sits cross legged in the meditative pose like other Dhyani Buddhas. He carries the vajra in his right hand with palm upwards against the chest and ghanta (bell) in the left hand resting upon the left thigh.


ID# :  MAC 03
Height :  12 Inches
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