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Medicine Buddha

   Bhaisajyaguru is known as Medicine Buddha. He is also called the Healing Buddha. He is said to dispense spiritual medicine when properly worshipped. It is even believed that an efficacious cure may be accomplished by merely touching the image. In Tibet, he may be represented either as a Buddha or as a Bodhisatwa. As a Buddha, he has the urn (small round bulge or protuberance above the bridge of the nose) the fourth superior marks of a Buddha Ushnisha ( A buldge or protuberance in the skull of the Buddha the first superior marks of a Buddha ) short and curly hair. He wears a monastic robe, is seated with the legs crossed. His left hand lying in his lap in meditation mudra, usually holds the medicine bowl, while the right hand in charity mudra holds either a branch with fruit, or the fruit alone, of the myrobalan, as medicinal plant found in India and other tropical countries.


ID# :  MAC 12
Height :  12 Inches
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