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Statue Availability and Special Orders

Regular Inventory

Our website contains the statues we try to keep in stock and available at all times.  Occasionally, a particular item may be temporarily out of stock.  If you order an out of stock item, we will notify you by email when the statue will again be available.

Market Search

If you require a statue not shown on our website, we will be happy to find it for you if you let us know what you want.  The more information you can provide us, the better we can serve you.  This information should include: image name; size; material (copper, bronze, silver, gold plated, wood, crystal, stone); quality and price range.  A photograph would be extremely useful, as there are many variations of each and every Buddhist image and we want to find for you exactly what you want.  It should take no more than two weeks for us to find what you require.

Special Orders

We are also willing to hand craft a metal statue exclusively for you and according to your specifications.  We will need to know the name of the image you require, the metal you want (bronze, copper, silver, gold plated), the size you require, the quality you require, the finish you require (polished, antiqued, painted) (we are experienced in working with a wide variety of patinas), and if you require semi-precious stones to be set in the piece.  A photograph would be extremely useful, as there are many variations of each and every Buddhist image and we want to make for you exactly what you require.  After an email discussion with you, we will let you know how long it will take to hand craft your exclusive work of art.  It can take from three to six months to finish a statue depending upon its size, complexity, and quality.


We accept orders for single statues or in any quantity you require.

Terms and Conditions

Delivery Time

When you place an order with us, we will notify you of the approximate shipping time and cost of the air shipment of your choice (DHL, FedEx, UPS, air freight).  The only secure way of shipping statues to you is by international air carriers. 

Air-Sea Shipping

For large orders or heavy orders, we will try to arrange an air-sea shipment if this will be cost effective for you.

Payment Terms

According to our government regulations we need full advance payment before we can send the shipment, 50% at the time of order confirmation and 50% when the order is complete.

Payment Methods

Payments can be made by wire transfers to our bank.


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