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Vighanantaka (Black Mahakala)

     Vighnantaka is a guardian god of the gates in the Mandala. The name is significant as the word “Vighna” or “Obstacle” refers to the Hindu God Ganesh. He is one faced, two armed, and blue in colour. He carries in his left hand the Tarjanipasa and wields the Vajra in the right. He is terrible in appearance and his brown hair rises upwards. There is a prostrate figure of Ganesh whom he tramples under his feet. It is said that the god Ganesh, being strongly opposed to the idea, began throwing performance of the rite of the Odiyana Panit in the order to obtain Siddhi (perfection). Being helpess the Odiyana Pandit invoked the god Vighnantak, the destroyer of all obstacles. Vighnantaka appreared in a fierce and terrible form, armed with destructive weapons and in no time overcome the latter. So, it may be seen how Vighnantaka is trampling heavily on Ganesh.

ID# :  MAC 41
Height :  8 Inches
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